Salad Craze



All plant based, whole food eaters follow these two basic rules:

  • Eating the tastiest, most satisfying foods possible
  • Getting the maximum nutritional-buck-for-calorie while doing it
  • The craze for fat-free salad dressings has been the biggest scam along with all the other fat-free processed foods out there: fat had to be replaced for the sake of taste with something else. And that something else is SUGAR.
  • The absolute WORST part of all the bottled salad dressings is, that
  • They are devoid of absolutely ALL nutrients: no vitamins, no antioxidants, no phytochemicals, NOTHING
  • They are HIGH in SODIUM
  • They contain a lot of added sugar
  • They contain lots and lots of fat (if not fat-free)
  • This is just a typical example: two tablespoons provide over half of their calories from FAT.
  • Bottled salad dressing is the epitome of processed, empty food. It does NOT belong on a fresh salad.

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