Innovative FoodSaver Tips

Innovative Food Saver

If you are using any machine then it is quite natural to come across some problems while using it to tackle them effectively most of the time you require some tips for the smooth and easy operation of the machine, it goes same for the Foodsavers also. For this very purpose, we have accumulated some tips for the smooth operation of this machine.

Like it is always better to add additional few inches to the bag for each time the bag will be opened and resealed. It is advisable to pre-assess the number of opening and resealing the package would undergo and leave sufficient margin prior to vacuum packaging for the first time.

It is also better to vacuum pack your food item with the smooth surface of the bag facing up in the machine. If you always wipe inside top edges of the bag clean before vacuum packaging then you may rest assured that you are going to get better results every time. It also goes true with the case of the vacuum packing of the canisters; here you should clean the rubber gasket.

If you are trying to vacuum pack very moist foods like raw fish, meat, fruits etc. then to protect the vacuum pump from absorbing moisture you should place a folded piece of paper towel inside the bag between the food and the seal line or wrap the food with a paper towel.

The paper towel would soak the moisture and your pump will be saved from getting the moisture. Raw meat and poultry can be coated with a dry seasoning rub/ paste or a thick marinade before being packaged.

Avoid using more liquid for meat, poultry, fish or vegetables. Vacuum packaging draws the seasonings into foods so very little quantity is needed moreover it is better if you use the canisters for the purpose of marinating or seasoning.

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