5 Grilling Accessories You Must Have for the Perfect Backyard BBQ party

summer grilling accessories

Just having the right booze, friends or even the best charcoal grill isn’t enough for the perfect barbecue party. If you’re looking to take your parties up a notch a few grill accessories will come in handy.

Our team picks out the 5 most important accessories that are also cheap, easily available and more important than you’d think.

1. Chimney Starter

Weber not only manufactures great grills but also accessories that make grilling a whole lot easier and their chimney starter is just one of the many.  It’s a must have accessory for newbies tired of the time a charcoal grill takes to simply light up.

Just add the briquettes to the stainless steel starter and light them up using a firestarter.  It should take about 10 minutes to fully heat up. Once done, just add it to your barbecue.

2. Gloves

While grilling you’re always going to be working with high heat and if you’re in a hurry to get things done or are catering to a large gathering there’s always a risk of burns or other fire related injuries. In this case having the right gloves can be handy.

We’d recommend going with builder gloves as they are both fires and cut resistance and are also easily available at most woodworking or home shops. Most of these gloves are made using Kevlar, steel, glass fiber etc. and offer the right amount of protection.

Grilling Gloves

3. Grill basket

With all the talk about grilling your favorite meat, it’s often easy to forget about the goodness of veggies after all you don’t plan to send your vegetarian friends back home hungry right? Plus any meat dish tastes even better with a dash of fresh herbs at the side.

With a grill basket grilling chopped veggies or even diced or shredded meat becomes a whole lot easier as it balances heat and prevents food from falling into the grate. Due to its stainless steel make it is easier to clean and is also durable.

4. Meat thermometer

With grilling it’s all about temperature and with most grills knowing the accurate temperature isn’t possible until and unless you have the right thermometer.  High-end gas grills do come with thermometer thus they often aren’t accurate enough.

The Bluetooth thermometer which available for just over a $100 is everything you need. It connects with the phone and alerts you when the meat reaches the required temperature.

5. A cleaning brush

For most cooks, the book itself is the easy part, the troublesome part comes later. Cleaning a grill especially a charcoal grill can be tough but a good and strong steam brush can make it a whole lot easier. Having the grill as clean as a whistle is important for the next cook and with the Steam brush cleaning grease, stains etc. hardly gets easier.

cleaning brush

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