About Us

oatmeal cafe

We are a family owned business who is dedicated to helping people enjoy the richness of amazing food while taking control of their health.



Designed for diabetics, perfect for plant-based diets. These heart healthy mixes will change how you view plain old oatmeal.

Just a quick update for everyone.

HEALTH: I am starting to feel like myself again!!! I started driving again, I only have a few lingering issues, but little by little I am working to resolve them through food and meditation.

BUSINESS: I am in communication with someone that may be able to help me make the mix and I am trying to get all of the details about that together so that everyone can start having their Oatmeal again!

GRATITUDE: Thank You, Thank You THANK YOU! To everyone who has sent me emails, texts, IM’s, cards and prayers! It has meant so much to me knowing that so many people have been in my corner. It has been incredibly humbling and more than I could have ever imagined.

I will let you know what’s up soon. Thank you again for your patients.
Talk to you all soon
Melissa – xoxoxo